What is it?

Breaking was originated in early 1970’s on the street’s of Brooklyn by the originating B-boy’s and B-girl’s (Break boys and Break girls) , which infuses intricate and powerful movements, balances, spins and floor work mixed with personal style and characteristics. Breaking allows individuals to be creative, imaginative and requires a lot of dedication, this dominant style of dance is very rewarding depending on the amount of time you can commit. It starts by covering the basics and fundamentals set back in the 70’s mixed with more modern moves, and then adapted with creativity and style to make up sets/routines to fit individuals. More advanced moves get introduced when dancers look comfortable and controlled with basics and fundamentals. There is no right or wrong way when breaking, its a great style that implements personal preference to showcase the art of self discovery.

Beginner Class: This is a beginner breaking class that introduces dancers to the basics and fundamentals, and covers a variety of Top rocks, get downs, floor work and freezes. It allows dancers to develop strength and flexibility that will later on be used for more advanced moves as well as, gaining confidence in using their body for moves that don’t just stay on your feet.

Intermediate Class: This class introduces more intermediate fundamentals and touches on advanced concepts that allow creativity to be capitalised on. Starting with a wider range of top rocks and get downs that implement a more vigorous approach to setting up for combinations and floor work. Floor work is worked on massively as it is a vital part of breaking, the flexibility learnt in the beginner lesson is taken advantage of to push dancers beyond their comfort zone and to step into a more dynamic and technical concept of creativity. Power moves are also introduced when ready, these are more acrobatic, strength and stamina draining movements that require a lot of effort and drive in order to successfully be performed. Overall this class gives an all round look on the style of breaking.

All Welcome: This class is an open class where any level of ability can participate and practice alongside others, this is a great sharing environment where socialisation takes place giving confidence to those who are just starting out. It provides early access to beginners by giving them and insight onto intermediate moves and. Intermediate dancers an insight on more advanced moves which are to be clean and precise with moves in order to well execute them.

Monday the 27th of May

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