What is Parkour?

Originally founded in France in the late 90’s by David Belle and Sabastian Foucan, Parkour is the act of getting from A to B in the quickest and efficient way possible over coming any obstacle that might be in your way. In the Early 2000’s the term Freerunning was first used to describe a new version of the discipline that encourages self expression using elements of Gymnastics, Dance and other physical based activities whist moving through the environment. Parkour became recognised as an official Sport in the UK in January of 2017.

About The Class

The Classes cover both the Parkour and Freerunning disciplines teaching you how to vault over obstacles, climbing up and over high wall and leaping over big gaps safely and precisely all whilst still the encouraging self expression of movement. The classes will also cover skills such as front flips and backflip with the focus to be able to use these aerial manoeuvres whilst traversing the environment and maintaining flow. We also provide parkour classes throughout the week for children under the age of 5 called Mini Ninjas which is on our sprung floor with the soft play equipment and specifically catered for the younger age group allowing them to develop and understanding of movement earlier on in life.


As a way to track progress on your parkour journey we have created a grading system that consists of 5 levels, starting at white then followed by Grey, Silver, Black and finally Purple. Each Level has a total of 15 moves based around both Freerunning and Parkour disciplines. To pass each band 10 out of the 15 moves will have to be performed. Grading days are on the first Thursday of every month at 4pm – 6pm. Once White and Grey bands have been achieved, you can progress up into the Grading Classes where you will be tough the higher ability skills need for the higher bands.

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