What is it?

Popping is one of only few original Hip-Hop styles created back in 1960-1970’s in Fresco California. There are many styles within Popping such as ‘Electric Boogaloo, Animation, Tutting, Strobing, Waving etc’ which are all based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles in the body to create sudden stops, also known as a ‘pop’ or a ‘hit’ or a slower approach which creates an illusion of an object being channelled through the body. This is done on a continuous basis to the beat and rhythm of specific popping tracks.

Popping is a fantastic dance style to learn as it helps with every other style of Hip-Hop, this is because the hits you learn make moves look more effective when danced to music, individuals can choose to cover all the styles within popping or more specifically stick to 1 or 2, its a personal preference dance style that needs time and commitment to master and to be able to create your own style.