What is Street Dance?

Street dance is a style of dance that developed itself not in the traditional dance studios but externally in places like the streets, school yards, house parties and night clubs.

Street dance has branched out into several different styles over the years such as Breakdancing, Popping and Locking.

Freestyle is also a crucial part of street dance, being able to dance to a piece of music without previously choreographing the movements but improvising them on the spot.

Nowadays Street dance is very commercial with dancers performing on stage on alongside famous singers and musicians, Being in music videos and advertising the latest products on TV.

About the Class

The hour classes will introduce you to the basics of the dance style and help you to develop your skills giving you a platform to grow to a higher level.

This will then open up the opportunities for you to either move to a more advanced class or become part of one of our teams and competing at dance competitions around the country.

We offer street dance classes for a variety of age groups starting at 5 years old all the way up to adults.

Monday the 27th of May

Tuesday the 28th of May

Saturday the 25th of May

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