All participants (Over 18) and Parents / Carers (Children Under 18) must read and agree to all of the terms of entry prior to and as a condition of acceptance of entry into The Team Katalyst facilities. The participant/ Parent/Carer acknowledges she or he has read and agrees to the terms and conditions set out herein prior to registering as a participant in any Team Katalyst activity in any location they may run. This Agreement, Waiver and Release extends to and includes all activities conducted or organised by Team Katalyst Ltd This includes but is not limited to Dance, Parkour, Freerunning, Martial Arts activities, performances, travel to and from class and any other organised class / event run by Team Katalyst Limited.

  1. Waiver for Participation in Team Katalyst Ltd Activities
    1. The Participant / Parent / Carer acknowledges and agrees that Team Katalyst activities are seen as “extreme sport” and as such, has inherent dangers and risks, including risk of injury or death to the participant. (Examples of particular risks include slipping, pushing, falling, sprains, broken bones, permanent paralysis etc.)
    2. The Participant / Parent / Carer further acknowledges and agrees that, due to the nature of the activity, it would be unreasonable for Team Katalyst Ltd to be in any way responsible for injury to or death of the participant. The participant hereby, to the full extent permitted by law, waives all of her or his legal rights of action against Team Katalyst Ltd and fully releases Team Katalyst Ltd for injury or death howsoever arising out of or in relation to the participation by the participant in the activities conducted or organised by Team Katalyst Ltd on the part of the organisation, staff, committee or agents.
    3. The Participant / Parent / Carer acknowledges they are liable for any damage to Team Katalyst Ltd property and equipment and or Property within rented premises due to their participation in Team Katalyst Ltd activities.
    4. The Participant  / Parent / Carer further acknowledges and agrees that she or he has undertaken the activity freely, voluntarily and absolutely at her or his own risk and with a full appreciation of the nature and extent of all risks involved in the activity. This waiver shall bind the Participant / Parent / Carer and her or his executors.
    5. Team Katalyst Ltd will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or death related to the participation/practice of any activity outside Team Katalyst facilities or events / programmes. Team Katalyst Ltd does not encourage training in unsafe environments without proper equipment and supervision.
  2. The participant / Parent / Carer acknowledges:
    1. She or he must disclose all information requested in any participation agreements namely the Waiver. This MUST include any serious medical conditions, whether a child is in care or under a care plan, has allergies or any other issues they may feel relevant to entry and participation.
    2. She or he has sole responsibility for the safety and security of the participant’s athletic equipment and other personal belongings during any activities. Team Katalyst Ltd will not be held responsible for any property belonging to the participant / parent / carer.
    3. The importance of instruction regarding activities and events and that she or he must obey these instructions.
    4. She or he must not participate in any activities under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. If the participant is prescribed medication by a certified medical physician, which may impair judgment or affect her or his ability to participate in strenuous activity, they must seek medical consultation about their ability to participate in Team Katalyst Ltd activities, inform the coaches and coordinators of Team Katalyst Ltd of the medical condition, and opt not to participate if there are risks to the participant’s health or safety or the safety of other participants.
    5. She or he must behave in a respectful manner to both persons and property when participating or as a spectator and that behaviour which could potentially lead to intentional or unintentional bodily injury or damage to property will not be tolerated by Team Katalyst Ltd.
  3. The participant / parent / carer warrants she or he is medically fit (physically and mentally) to participate in strenuous activities, in or out of the gym, and the participant has not received medical advice to the contrary.
  4. The participant / parent / carer hereby irrevocably consents to receive medical treatment that may be considered by Team Katalyst Ltd to be advisable or necessary in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during any and all activities. Team Katalyst agrees to inform Parents, Carer, guardian, emergency contact immediately should any emergency situation arise.
  5. Publicity Release

  6. I hereby unconditionally assign to Team Katalyst Ltd all right, title and interest I may have in any and all audio, audio visual and photographic recordings of me/my child/child in am responsible for in any events and grant Team Katalyst Ltd permission to use, display, license, sell and publish or otherwise deal with the audio, audiovisual and photographic recordings of me, including for the purpose of advertising, promotion or otherwise. I further agree that any such recordings shall remain the property of Team Katalyst Ltd indefinitely. (see photography policy online)