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Week 5 community Video is here, this weeks clips were submitted by @williamwalsham and @7.joe.7 for your video’s to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram send them to [email protected]

This weeks community video is out, clips submitted by @owen__winder, @frederi_cko_04, @_.heavy.metal.memeking._ / @brad_tm_ , @ollie_dilaurenzio11 and @george_a_l, to have your clips featured send them to [email protected]

Well done to everyone who came to the Parkour Teams Tryouts today. You were absolutely amazing. Results and team selection coming soon #

This weeks Community submissions from @noahburkinshaw_4, Lewis, @tribe_pk, @nathanj0n, @williamwalsham and @amy_leighcoult if you would like to be featured on the Team Katalyst Instagram and Facebook, send your video’s to [email protected] videos will be released every Week, include your instagram handle in the email if you would also liked to be tagged

Well done everyone who came to Home Ed Parkour today, crazy how much progression you all have had since the beginning, keep it up